Thursday, May 14, 2009

Basque delight

Camilla and I recently visited Omei and Oscar and Mikel who probably have the best run kayak warehouse anywhere!
Mikel, Oscar and Camilla
Kayaks in perfect rows, color separated and all clean clean clean

They took us to lunch at the Patxiku Enea in San Sebastian and this was for sure one of the best meals I have ever had in Spain. Basque food is a lot like Spanish just better!

Spanish style we sat down around 3 pm and spent most of the afternoon at the table. It started of with fireworks in the form of some tapas where the Txistorra (in bask)/Chistorra (in spanish) sausages were by far the best I had ever had. And I love my sausages so this is big. Tender but still with some bite, perfectly fried. It is made of a mixture of minced pork and beef. The sausage is flavored with garlic, salt, and paprika, which gives it a bright red color. Well, you had to be there...
After some more tapas this handsome and very tasty Merluza. Mikel and Oscar asked for a part of the fish called "Cogote". Is the softer part of the fish, just close the head. Wow!

Now completely full they brought us this huge piece of meat!!! Unfortunately I could not fully appreciate this fabulous very rare beef as I was completely stuffed but I still managed to eat 3 huge slices that Mikel carved and just threw on my plate.

I forgot the name of the Spanish claret but the taste sure was memorable. As was the cider that tasted completely different from the cider I am used to from Bretagne. A lot fresher, less sweet and a much more the taste of freshly plucked apples right of the tree if you get my drift.

Our six hour drive back home was a struggle but worth every sleepy hour of it.