Monday, March 1, 2010

The Point 65 XP21 -mother of all Surf Ski's

Today, in a Swedish winter storm and sub zero water temperatures (only the harbor propellers keep the water in the dock open. All around it's thick with ice) Magnus de Brito took the prototype of our new monster Surf Ski for a first spin.
Magnus de Brito, testing the Point 65 XP21 prototype at Pampas Marina, Solna, Sweden 59°N, 14:20 hours, March 1, 2010

Magnus, our design maverick, has been working very hard on this dream project. While working with Porsche on the Boxter 987, the Carrera 997, the Carrera GT and other similar projects, the 21 foot surf ski has never been far from his mind. A 21 foot Mother of all Surf Ski's.
"It glides through the water without a sound..."

Magnus is never humble about his designs and he is pretty confident that this surfing machine will not only out surf and out glide the rest of the pack, but also keep the paddler in the saddle, no matter how rough and fast it gets.
The bow makes me think of the Red October...

But this thing not only rides like a bullet, it looks absolutely spectacular. Words cannot make this creation justice. It looks like any surf skiers wet dream, times 10... Walk this ski down to the Molokai and there will be a stampede.
By using advanced hydro dynamic computer engineering, Magnus has achieved a craft that is as fast as anything out there while significantly more stable. While this might only be a small advantage for the likes of Hank McGregor, Dawid Mocke, Murray Stewart and Oscar Chalupsky it sure as hell makes a heck of a difference for all those strong, converted flat water racers sniffing the back of their necks. Not to speak of yours truly who might actually be able to participate in a race without half drowning before reaching the finishing line!
It was a cold day!

Extensive testing will now be carried out by Magnus himself, an avid surf skier, as well as one of Swedens strongest surf ski paddlers, Paul Rosenqvist.
Paul, still a rookie, came in 19th at the Mauritius Ocean Classic 09, just a couple of minutes behind some of the worlds most experienced surf ski paddlers. Would the XP21 give him that edge?

Ones the boys are happy, the production mold will take it's shape and production commence. When? Keep your eyes on my blog and the very day I have a release date I will publish it here.

Until then, Happy Paddling!


(All photos except the one with Paul by Peter Ekström)