Monday, May 14, 2012

Mercury Video!

Here the Point 65 Mercury Video!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's here -the brand new MERCURY!!!!

Our brand new modular take apart performance touring kayak is here, I'm very proud to introduce the spectacular POINT 65 MERCURY!

It's 413cm/13'7'' long in the solo configuration and 543cm/17'10'' as a tandem.
Just like the Tequila! and Martini it fit's in the back of a small hatchback.

Actually, because the front section fit's in the cockpit it takes even less room than the Martini!

It assembles in seconds flat!

From the back of your car to ready to go on the water within a few minutes.

And what a sweet ride it is! Great tracking, fast and very comfortable and stable

Throw in another mid section and here is a one of a kind, cool performance tandem.

The Mercury is not only an incredibly practical kayak to haul, store and carry -it looks and performs sensational!

Zoe going for it

The large keel rudder has an integrated skeg that deploys when you 
want extra maneuverability or tracking.