Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun with Foster

Nigel Foster visited Sweden for his annual Point 65 staff training sessions as well as doing some classes and participating in "Kajakdagarna", Stockholms largest kayak symposium.
Point 65 team members after completing the annual Nigel Foster paddle clinic. From left in kayaks: Sofia, Mats, Emil, Carolin, Edina, Carro, Nigel, Lina. On dock: Doris, me, Linn, Tobbe, Staffan, Carl, Mats, Erik.

Mats Ståhlberg runns one of Swedenes largest kayak centres and the only one in the city of Gävle.
Surf ski? Emil Kellander taking the Tequila! on a spin. Here in a tripple configuration. Emil runs a massive kayak centre in Norrköping.
Happy campers in Gävle! Christer just took part in one of Nigels clinics "Fun with Foster". A full day on the water where you not only learn things you thought impossible but also have lots of fun doing it.
Emil is a busy man!

Point 65 team memebers go through an annual multi day clicic with Nigel focusing on helping others and general safety issues.
Here Nigel demonstration different resques with Emil. The water in Sweden is ice cold in May.
Mats and Doris from Gävle. Lessons learned.. Never turn your back on Nigel:-)

Enjoying an evening paddle with one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen (this and the next photo by Nigel)