Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6th Saltys at Chiba, Japan (part 2)

Saltys at Chiba is a magical place. Saltys is not only a great dealer for Point 65 but a really cool and groovy place to hang out, paddle, have fun and party. It is right on the beautiful beach with Mount Fuji as a spectacular back drop and sometimes surfable waves. There are several instructors and guides available.
Tons of kayaks and gear. If surf is to big at the beach, vehicles run you to the optimal launch spot of the day.
Japanese tradion to bow to the sea before heading out

Many customers keep their kayaks on Saltys racks and make the one and a half hour drive from Tokyo over Tokyo bay for a weekend paddle. But the best thing is the crowd. The Saltys staff and the customers. Fantastic people, lots of fun and incredible hospitality.
Susie, Aja, Hiroko, Hiro, me, Saturo and Tsutomo

The empty beach of Saltys

just 1,5 hours from Tokyo!
The Salty building. Lots of space.
There are several guest rooms at Saltys where you can stay the night.
the shop..
and the view!
Every day is paddling day at Saltys. Note Mount Fuji right over my head!
And Fuji again with some good looking kayaks.
Kamemoto and Ike each bought a new kayak. Kamemoto a Point 65 X-Lite and Ike a Point 65 Whisky 16. Japanese custom is to sacrifice some alcoholic beverage for luck. They start of by pouring some into the sea.
Than on the kayak. Ike was cheap on his Whisky with bag in box Sake. I would have thought a 16 year old Whisky would have brought even more luck to the kayak?
Kamemoto more classy with champagne!
Which also tasted better cold than the sake...

What, my flight has been cancelled? No problem, I'm in paradise!
And again, Mount Fuji in the background. Am I repeating myself? But it's really cool... Mount Fuji Mount Fuji Mount Fuji Mount Fuji Mount Fuji Mount Fuji Mount Fuji Mount Fuji.
Heading out in a Whisky 16. The surf was actually pretty hairy. There were some surfers out which is always a bad sign for a paddler...
Posing again. I guess they thought I was a real pain...
Heading back to Saltys after a day on the water.
Tom and Shinju zen after a hard days night.


bonnie said...

I like the bowing to the sea tradition. Seems like actually physically showing respect for the sea like that would be a good way for putting oneself in the right frame of mind for paddling.

Richard at Point 65 said...

Yes, it was really neat and done with lots of heart.

Julie said...

Now I have to go here before I die. My Mother's side of the family is from Japan and I whitewater kayak. It would be paradise to go and visit and squeeze in some kayaking.

Richard at Point 65 said...

you should! let me know before you go and I will put you in touch with Tom and the gang.