Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Up yours Macon

I found this macon on the supermarket shelf in France. I gues this vineyard in Languedoc Roussillon, does not export a lot... at least not to the US and UK.

Nobody has had the heart to tell them. The taste? A wiff of earth. And manure? A sharp scent like trapped in a pocket between the buttocks of an obese, hairy beast. Lots of body. Do I scent (dingle) berries? Oak or hm... no there is something nutty about it. Needs no maturing.


PeterD said...

Nice find!

point65france said...

Macon is a town in the south of the bourgogne, so this wine is a "bourgogne". But i prefer the white wine of this part of bourgogne.

point65france said...

sorry i make a mistake, the picture of the bottle prove that is not a bourgogne