Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Michael Taylor's XP18 video

Michael Taylor, manager of Kayak Warehouse, Sunshine Coast, Australia produced this cool video on the XP18.




Mark Kalch said...

Dear Richard,

I would like to submit to Point 65N an expedition proposal regarding the 7 rivers, 7 continents project - source to sea paddling descents of the longest river on each continent and the XP18.

Would it be best to email the proposal directly to you? If so could you provide me with an email address in order to do so?

Which part of France do you live in? I am currently based near Biarritz in the south west.

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards

Mark Kalch

www.expeditionamazonas.com (completed 2008)

7 rivers, 7 continents - paddling 35 000km source to sea continues in 2011 - Missouri-Mississippi River

Richard at Point 65 said...

it's richard.ohman (@) point65.se