Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Worlds longest kayak, paddling the Tequila! K100!

Back in Europe after an exciting weekend in Freeport Maine where Point 65 Kayaks Sweden and LL Bean succeed in paddling the world's longest modular kayak in celebration of LL Beans 100th Anniversary.

I could not upload the videos to Blogger so check them out on Youtube. This one is from the day before the record attempt preparing and assembling the kayak:

This one is shows us organizing the 100 paddlers and boarding the kayak:

This one shows us paddling the thing:

And here LL Beans official video of the event:

This must be the worlds longest kayak. Certified by a notar at 407'7'' /124m L.L.Bean will submit it to Guinness World Records for consideration. The unique kayak being used for the attempt, the Point 65 Tequila!, is able to be joined together in sections thus making the record possible.
The Point 65 Tequila!, designed by Swedish designer Magnus de Brito, won Popular Science Magazines Best of What's new award in 2010.


CC said...

I purchased the Tequila tandem through LL Bean. is there a padded seat available in the US that I can add for comfort?

Richard at Point 65 said...

Thank you for choosing a Tequila! from Point 65 Kayaks Sweden. We do not offer a padded seat but there are many products out there you can choose from.
Happy PAddling!