Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13 Revival of SKM Stockholm Kanotmaraton

SKM will take place August 30, 2008!!!

Point 65 was the main sponsor of the Stockholm Kayak Marathon (SKM) back in 2004 and 2005. Unfortunately, the then organizers were unable to put the event together for 2006 or 2007. I have been very active trying to get the project back on the water so I am very happy to announce that Ulf Öjebo and Mikael Jansson of Lidingö Multisport are taking on the project. Again Point 65 will be the main sponsor, sharing the honourwith PampasKajak, one of the leading Swedish paddling stores (which I also own with my brother Tomas).
Ulf, me, Staffan and Micke sealing the 3 year sponsorship deal
The event is scheduled for Saturday, August 30 with a very exciting course through the city of Stockholm, known as the Venice of the North. Start and finish will be at the same spot making it interesting for spectators. There will be a 14 km course for the Sunday paddler and a full 30 km course for the paddler looking for a real challange. If you ever wanted to participate in a kayak marathon, this is the one. Stockholm is an incredibly beautiful city and the water is lined with crowded promenades where people will be cheering the paddlers.
You can register here.

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Kri Kri said...

Nigel and I are really looking forward to this event!
We will leave Venice of the South and the Voga Longa to join our friends in Sweden. It promises to be a great time! See you there!