Monday, April 7, 2008

6th of April Omaha and Utah beach

This weekend brought me to Omaha and Utah beach in Normandie. Would be a nice place to paddle with some islands 2 clicks ofshore with second world war bunkers to look at. I'm sure none of the turists make it out there.
A group of Englishmen placed these miniature crosses on the beach honoring lost relatives from D-Day so many years ago. The crosses were washed out with the tide.
A stone honoring the troups of D-Day

We had to settle for a long walk on the beach followed by a late lunch at Le Maree in a fishing harbor. Some oysters, moule marine a la creme and quiqui St:Jaque. All washed down with a great little Muscadet, a powder dry white from the western end of the Loire. Perfect with the oysters and not bad with the moules.
A picture from D-Day mounted on a stone when entering Omaha beach
The cliffs at Omaha beach that were a formidable hurdle for the invading troups
Me on Omaha beach
Lots and lots of fresh fish on the beach dropped by the huge flock of seagulls. Nicky was not the best company in the car after this...
A bunker on Utah beach
Guess what we had for lunch?
Le Maree


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