Monday, April 14, 2008


Vogalonga, crazy paddling festival through Venice, 11th of May,

What must surely be one of the most fantastic paddling events in the world is coming up shortly. 1500 crafts paddling through the ancient channels of Venice.

Imagine that! The food the people, the kayaks, the city. Nigel Foster and his wife Kristin are going as is Jen Kleck of Aqua Adventures, San Diego. I plan to join them, if this kayak business of mine gives me a breather.

In connection to the Vogalonga, Giorgio Sartori is arranging the first real kayak symposium and exhibition in Italy, the Bibionekayak, only 1 hour east of Venice.

So you can join Giorgio at Bibione on Saturday the 10th of May and drive with us to Venice Sunday morning for the Vogalonga. The Bibione symposium/event will go on until the 18th of May with on water classes by Nigel, Kristin and Jen plus the usual kayak companies exhibiting with demo kayaks available and lots of fun in between!

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