Friday, May 16, 2008


Lina is the glue that keeps Point 65 together. Originally a ski instructor, she started working for Point 65 during summers as a shop assistant in our flagship store. But Tomas and I immediately saw her strength and talent and persuaded her not to go back to the skiing. Lina is now the Point 65 office manager AND manages our flagship store, PampasKajak. On top of that she takes responsibility for all fuck ups the guys around her create. She is not only loved by customers and colleagues. Our competitors are just as bewitched by her. Just seeing the disappointment in the faces of the guys from Reval kayaks last weekend at the Stockholm Kayak exhibition, when they realized that I was manning the Point 65 booth, not Lina. They looked like the event was ruined for them. Who can blame them?
When Lina is not at her post she travels the world. She has joined me on several business trips to Seattle, Germany etc but also takes of to South America for adventure travels. If you need to know anything on stock levels, delivery times, prices, freight costs etc etc Lina knows it by heart. She is also an amazing paddler, organizer, manager and boss. And it's not a coincidence that Lina is on the cover of our 2008 brochure and on every second page inside...

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