Sunday, August 31, 2008

30/8 Stockholm Canoe Marathon 2008 SKM Stockholm Kanot Maraton

Saturday we, Point 65 and our flag ship store, PampasKajak, hosted the 2008 Stockholm Canoe Marathon. 200 paddlers, yours truly amongs them paddled through down town Stockholm in all sorts of kayaks, styles and shapes.

Geat ready, set...
Getting ready, #29
Another paddler preparing for the race
Staffan, who heads our Swedish distribution and Lina our office manager, reeady to go. they came in third in the short double kayak class.

Vivi and Zoe Öhman also paddled a double. They beat Louise Rosenqvist and Richard Dellström!

Paul in the little red kayak (a Picnic) at the start. Paul had a big day. I flew in from London with Paul at 1 am the night before the Marathon. That after a grueling drive though south England to Gattwick Airport.
Saturday morning he first rushed of to the classic rowing competition "DISTANSEN" from Vaxholm to Stockholm which he won at a new record time.
Paul after the marathon
He just made it to the start of the Canoe Marathon and paddled the 31,5 km in the plastic day boat in 3:15 h!!! He came in 27th amongs a bunch of racing kayaks and fast touring boats. Thats 9.6km/h average. Hey, Picnic is faster than we thought:-)

This photo by Glenn Mattsing
Halfway through. I made it in just over an hour! The short marathon....

Happy paddler. I made it!

And in time for the price ceremony.

The winners in the short double class were two proud 16 year old kids,
Torbjörn Sandberg and Axel Thorell

The winners of the mens and womens full marathon, Mikael Westlén and Agneta Bergman Fredrikson


Anonymous said...

Well done Richard and every one at Point 65 / Pampas! Hope you will repeat this event next year, so that we from the "other side" can join.

Also wish to say that I really like the pictures for the next catalouge. Cant wait until it gets here...


/Ulrika Upplevelsebolaget

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hey Ulrika.
SKM was a great success and as far as I can tell we will do this again next year. Then we will try not to colide with Stockenträffen. Sorry about that. As to the 2009 catalogue the only problem is that you are not in it! Maybe next year you could join us at the photo shoot? Kram Richard