Friday, August 15, 2008

15/8 Point 65 photo shoot

It's mid August again and time to shoot the photographs for the 2009 catalogue. I'm in trouble here but actually made it without capsizing!

This year we headed out to the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago for half a week. The islands out there, hundreds of them, like Öja, Askö and Bokö are incredibly beautiful.
Waves were high! Thats my head there...

The granite stone, the light and the water is magical All within a day of paddling from Point 65s head office. The shoot is more a combination of adventure, fun, play and serious paddling.
Justin can always be found were the rough water is

All recorded by photographer Malte Danielsson. But most importantly it’s about spending quality time without the company of key boards, screens and phones.
Börje, Malte and Vivi disscusing the next shoot

We bring tons of food, drink, gear and a guitar and just let go. This year there were 19 of us.
Nigel in a reversed pipeline?

The preparations for the shoot are frantic. Organizing paddling apparel matching the colours of the kayaks, tents, sleeping bags, camping stoves etc etc.

Karen advising Börje and Nigel

Börje Salming and Nigel Foster, two ledgends discussing hockey or paddling? Actually it's coffee...

And getting the new kayak models for the coming season ready from production for the shoot. The shoot is a lot of work. But it’s a riot and we have a great time doing it!
Malte shooting Karen and Andy

Just rigging for the campsite picture took 3 hours. Malte directing with Staffan, Paul, Lina, Jonna and Åsa moving the stuff around

Jonna and Åsa "is this a chocolate commercial"?

Tomas and Malte shooting the tent

The tent picture finally ready for shooting

Lina, Vivi and Staffan rigging for the "fishermans shed" picture while models Nigel and Kristin wait and wait and wait and wait

Malte shooting the "fishermans shed"

It's ready. Smile!

Börje and Åsa heading for lunch after som serius paddling


eriksjos said...

Nice pictures!

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi Erik and thanks! I should mention that all the good ones are taken by Malte Danielsson:-)