Sunday, October 12, 2008

8-9 October Paddlepoint event

In Sweden, Germany and on Ireland Point 65 is distributed through our subsidiary Paddlepoint AB. Paddlepoint invited it's retailers for a couple of days of paddling. One day in the archipelago of Stendörren and one day through the city of Stockholm.

Ulrika from Upplevelsebolaget, Sweden. Our last paddling excursion was on the Huangpu river in China. A world appart...

Magnus, Watt & Torrt, Sweden
Carina from Nynäs Kajak, Sweden
Lina from PampasKajak (our flagship store), Sweden
Pierre from Kajakeriet, Sweden
Leif from Kajakevent, Sweden, Staffan who runs Paddlepoint and Jocke Upplevelsebolaget, Sweden
Lina and Carina at lunch break
Johan from Alewalds, Sweden and Paul from Great Outdoors, Ireland
Lyudmilla and Johannes La Canoa, Germany
Claes, Hälgö Kajakkafé, Sweden and Pierre
Jürg from Blackfoot, Germany
The Stendörren archipelago has many passages like this
were no boat can get through so paddlers rule.
The Swedish, German, Irish group.
Paul who handles our distribution in Germany and Staffan
Dinner was held in our flagship store in Stockholm
Anders from Alewalds, Stockholm
Lyudmilla in the lock between the Baltic Sea and the lake Mälaren.
Axel from Der Bootsladen Germany
Lina and Magnus from Strömholms Kajak & Fiske
Axel and Sabine from Kanuscheune with the Vasa and Nordic museum behind them
Johan and Leif with Gröna Lund Tivoli
Jocke at Galärvarvet
Paul in a Nemo
Time for a break Paul, Magnus, Ralph of Sport Erkner, Germany and Leif

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