Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 3 Distributor Event

Last week we took our distributors on a paddling trip around the most beautiful part of the Stockholm archipelago, Stendörren. We paddled a lot, camped out and had lots of fun and a lot to eat and drink.
Of the 22 countries where Point 65 kayaks are currently distributed we had half the countries represented: Australia (Peter & Amanda), Canada (Wally & Louise), Hungary (Andras & short of Miska), Japan (Tom, Shinju & Hiro), Norway (Erik & Torkel), Spain (Oscar & Miguel), Taiwan (Cheng, JF & Hsiao), the UK (Bob & Heather), Denmark (Martin), Sweden (Staffan) and China (Micheal).

The group by AirForce 65.

4 am departure from Nuremberg to Frankfurt airport took it's toll. Tomas napping on the plane.
Torkel (NO) stealing some sleep on the bus.
Pre launch lunch. Erik (NO), Andras (HU) and Torkel (NO)
Nigel showing the crowd were we are heading. "And let's be careful out there..."

Bob & Heather (UK) getting ready to double
Nigel and Hsiao (TW)
Cheng (TW) ready to roll
Cheng (TW) a happy camper.
Peter & Amanda (AU)
Tomas at pit stop
Hsiao, paddling Taiwan style!
Me on the rock. At camp site (well almost)
arriving at camp site. Källskär island
Martin (DK)
Andras (HU) the mushroom man
Picture postcard pretty evening!!!!
Fireside brandy
Micheal and me
Tom (JP)signing the banner
Peter & Amanda (AU) giving the DoubleShot a shot
Shinju (JP)
JF again
Micheal, a SeaRover and the view
Ok, ready for day II
Miguel (ESP)
Oscar (ESP)
Wally (CA)
Tom (JP), Hiro (JP) and JF (TW) hauling a DoubleShot

BIG thank you to our support team Anna, Richard and Philip!!!!!!!!!!


Kri Kri said...

Wow Richard, and Tomas! It was a really fabulous event! I really loved being with such an interesting, international group in such an incredible setting! Yes, the ground crew was super. Lina, Paul and Staffen also did so much to make this event relaxed and welcoming. It makes me excited to be part of the Point 65 team, and proud.Thanks to everyone, that includes distributors, for a great experience!

Kri Kri said...

Wow Richard!, and Tomas, What an incredible event! It was wonderful to be with such an interesting, international group in such an incredible setting! A big thanks to the ground crew, and to Lina, Paul and Staffen, who also did so much to make eveyone feel relaxed and welcome! I feel excited to be part of the Point 65 crew, and proud. Thank you to everyone, that includes distributors!, for a great experience!