Monday, July 6, 2009

Point 65 & Magnus De Brito

Point 65 is developing some of the most exciting and revolutionizing products in the kayak industry. Point 65 proudly presents the latest addition to our team, Magnus De Brito, one of Scandinavia´s leading designers.
Magnus De Brito at the Point 65 head office in Stockholm, Sweden

Magnus has headed design projects for industry giants such as Porsche, Scania Trucks, Intelligent Sound, Pirelli Boats and Agipi Marine. Using computer science technology, Magnus was responsible for streamlining parts of the new generation Porsche Boxter 987, Carrera 997 and Carrera GT.
If you have designed this I guess a kayak is not that big a deal...

His Pirelli boat design won the prestigious 2009 Red Dot design award, “Best of the Best.” Working for Pirelli and Agipi Marine has given Magnus engineering experience in marine design technology – experience not usually available to kayak companies.Magnus designed the Pzero 1400, winning the “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design Award

Magnus was only 18 when he developed the first commercially viable wind surfing harness. He went on to earn his Master of Science degree in Design and Product Development from the University of Linköping, Sweden.
Tomas trying the new XP18. One happy camper!

Throughout his career, his passion for water sports - and designing the best water crafts- has continued unabated. XP18 has a markedly improved stabilty, manueverabilty and speed compared to it's predecessor.

Now, at Point 65, Magnus is applying both his engineering skills and his kayaking expertise to our most challenging design projects like the new XP -series and the Tequila!
The XP18 by Magnus de Brito

The new XP series by Magnus will be available in a 18, 17 & 16 foot version. More information will follow.


Nicolas said...

Hi Richard
Great Boat, great design ! When can we try it in France ? By the way i called toutenkayak to organise a test in Pornichet with my kayak club CKPCA on Sunday 19th July. We will test the Whisky 16 & 18 and 2 or 3 other point 65 kayaks.
Best regards

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi Nicolas.
Thank you! It is a great kayak. regarding trying it, it depends when Tout en Kayak wants one for his demo fleet.

Pornichet sounds great and I would love to come but unfortunately I'm going to the US on the 18/7!
Have fun!

Nicolas said...

Hi Richard
i will definitely ask tout en kayak to include this new boat in his demo fleet ;-) is it been manufactured yet ? you spoke about 17 and 16 feet too, have you already a release date ?

i would have liked you to be there, hope you'll be there when we'll test your new XP range, i really want to paddle this kind of "Ferrari/Porsche" boat !
i will put pictures of the test on my website.

best regards,


Richard at Point 65 said...

I'm sure Samuel will get it sooner or later. The XP18 is in production and the first shipment will be in Sweden in a few weeks. Most of the are already sold though... There are less than 10 available at this point.

The XP17 and XP16 will follow shortly.



kayakr said...


The XP18 will be interesting to paddle :) Will you send a demo to the store in Göteborg?


Anonymous said...

The specifications on the website for the XP18 are not yet available in English as far as I can tell. I hope it will soon.

Richard at Point 65 said...

It's all here: