Thursday, July 9, 2009

XP18 -a legend is born

Our latest model makes my juices flow. This is a seakayak -but it's fast as hell. Sort of a new concept. It's like a racing/exercise kayak but for touring. It can take a huge payload. It's stable -so no problems in the rough. It's comfy. And it looks really cool! This is the kayak I will take on my next expedition as well as when working out.Micheal working the XP18
Magnus de Brito, the designer, has some sort of computer gizmo where he can calculate the exact speed and stability of the thing. According to this it is 7% faster than the "old" XP while 15% more stable. What does it mean? Who knows and who cares.


Alejandro Daniel Carranza said...

Is possible to have a video of this beauty in the waves?.Does not have in my country a rudder system like that. Have problems with the wire?.Had rolled it?.
From Argentine. Alejandro Daniel Carranza

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi Alejandro.
I don't have a video at this time but I can tell you that it surfs effortlessly which it was built for. Skeg works great and the roll works well.
Cheers Richard