Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tequila! back rest

This might be boring for most everybody but very hot news for us at Point 65. This is the new back rest for the Tequila! So much more comfortable and easy to use than you usual floppy seat with straps going everywhere.


Cláudio Tereso said...


The video is not working :(

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi Cláudio.
Thank you for the feed back. I just tested on some different computers and it worked. Maybe try a different browser?



Cláudio Tereso said...

Hi Richard,

It's working now! And in the same browser/computer :)

It was saying "video not available, please try later". And I was trying for some days...

I must say that it looks like I'm finally buying a Kayak. I have been looking for a "portable" Kayak for ages!

Captured Life said...

Hi there - where can buy the seat?? No one seems to have them. I'm in Australia, but would happily buy from the web if available.
Thanks, Brian

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi Brian.
Anaconda has ordered backrests and they should arrive in Australia within the next 5 weeks or so. If you want them quicker you can order them from Point 65 directly by sending an e-mail to mail(@)

Anonymous said...

Where in the US can the backrests for the Tequila be purchased or ordered? If they can't be purchased in the US, how much does it cost to ship them from Point 65 to Dallas, Texas USA? Thanks.

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi R.E.I will have it in 4 weeks or so. Point 65 can ship to Dallas. Contact mail (@)

Anonymous said...

Richard, I brought my Tequila with center section and backrests back from REI Berkeley, set it up in the front yard in less than half an hour first time, and it's ready for the water! I'll comment after. I'm wondering if anyone's had problems with wearing out the bindings: they seem pretty strong, but possibly the weakest link. Or maybe it's early to say.
Thanks for the kayak!

Joel Weber, Oakland

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi Joel.
Thanks for coosing a Point 65 kayak and great that R.E.I now has the backrest in stock! The ratchet strap is a snowboard binding strap and just like with those the straps can wear out. Especialy if you tighten to hard. Good thing is that they are cheap, easy to change and widely available. If you don't find them localy you can always get them from Point 65. Cheers Richard

Sue said...

Hi - I'm lookng forward to getting a Tequila Tandem (great photos of them in action, but even with a sunset, looking at those cold northern waters sends a chill down my spine - I am looking forward to kayaking in the beautiful warm Middle Harbour, Sydney!) but recon the backrest is not an option but essential. Can you tell me if other brands of backrests can be fitted or does it have to be the point 65 one (I have searched and no-one is Oz is currently selling them.) Do you know of any Australian retailers who will be stocking them in future.

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi Sue,
Sounds nice!! Try:
Sydney Kayak Warehouse
67 Alexander Avenue
6/67 Alexander Avenue
Taren Point, NSW 2229
Tel: (02)9526 7457

Anonymous said...

Have just bought a Tequila. Used in westernport last week. Have to say I love it. You need a trolley to move about ... even a short carry to the beach as a whole unit (tandem) is a struggle - could have pulled apart but I do feel the moulded rear carry point is a bit on the small side.
I found it best to change from tandem to solo easiest in the water as the sand gets into the rebates of the join so it is also a good opportunity to give a quick wash.
A hit with the wife and kids - I have made everyone drop out and get back on mid water so I am more confident with them using it and was very pleased with the ease getting back on.
We bought from Anaconda where they had a test pool - very handy.
As mentioned the straps are the weak point but it seems they are easy to find ... being snow boot bindings. Anaconda said they did have some in stock but had "lost" them.
A good multi purpose kayak with kids.
I can notice a slight movement in a .5 - 1.0 metre swell in westernport but it moved well through the water and once i buy the back rests i think it will be alot more comfortable too - I recommed getting these with the kayak - at least try it out.