Friday, February 12, 2010

Point 65 & S.O.G.

Point 65 Kayaks Sweden is happy to announce that it has been selected as the newest member of The Scandinavian Outdoor Group (S.O.G)

Point 65 is the only paddle sport company in the group and shares membership with such legendary brands as Haglöfs, Bergmans, Ecco, Primus and many many more.

The parties at the S.O.G trade show stand, Scandinavian Village, where members co exhibit, are legendary and it will be fun to function as host rather than guest from now on!!!

Scandinavian Outdoor Group (S.O.G.) was founded in 2000 as an industry initiative to serve outdoor retailers and media in export markets. It unites well-respected outdoor gear manufacturers from all five Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

The cooperation is based on sales and media oriented projects serving outdoor gear retailers and journalists on markets outside the Nordic region. It's mission is based on the simple observation that if equipment works well up here in the north it must also be perfect for outdoor enthusiasts in the rest of the world.

S.O.G. operates projects such as the

- Scandinavian Village™ the dynamic one-stop-shop for smart buyers and journalist that has become one of the busiest and best visited areas of the international trade shows where it participate.

- Outdoor Academy of Scandinavia
R&D facility for the best staff training program in the outdoor industry. OAS offers a two level program, EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE.

- Scandinavian Outdoor Award.
The competition for the Scandinavian Outdoor Industry hosted by S.O.G. since 2006. Up to 20 products from Scandinavian Outdoor Group member brands get nominated every season to compete for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award.

Point 65 is proud to be a member of S.O.G and will be an actively participating member.


Sebastian said...


congratulations to your membership. I am Sebastian from SOG. We have met on ISPO. I just wanted to announce, that we will publish your news on sog website from now on.

Have a look at:

Cheers ;)

Richard at Point 65 said...

Servus Sebastian.
Thank you for that!