Saturday, September 11, 2010

Introducing the Martini

Here our new modular kayak, the Martini!
There is a video at the bottom of the page
The Martini is a great looking 9'4'' / 285 cm sit in kayak.

It snaps apart in a couple of seconds
and you have two manageable 24 lbs / 12 kg sections,
each about 5' / 140 cm

Ad a mid section...
And it's a 13'8'' / 416 cm Tandem
Dry hatch aft and bow, thigh braces, paddle park,
cup holders, keel rudder.Great performance

Time to go home,Just throw it into the back of your carThe Martini will be available in a kayak store near you very soon!

If you cant see the video here, try this link:


Erik B said...

Perfekt om en haj hugger tag i aktern. Då är det bara att koppla loss den och paddla utav bara... ;-)

Ser att Point fortsätter sin alkoholromantiska namnserie.

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hajsäker kajak, det har jag inte tänkt på!
Alkoholromantiska namn -you bet! Är förtjust i såväl Whisky, Tequila och Martini. Men kanske allra mest en god Cognac (XO). Fast egentligen, vad klår en bra Bordeaux?

Anonymous said...

How's the speed like compare to the Tequila?
What about storage space? would you recommend for use in surf & expedition?

If configure it as a tandem, it could reach speed over 5mph, correct?

Thanks for your insight.

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi, I hav't tried it yet with the GPS. It's a rec boat so speed is not it's greatest feature.
It's not a surf kayak either but I will sure try it!
Will report here how it goes!