Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tandem kayak in a Toyota Prius!

Point 65 Tequila! Tandem inside a Toyota Prius.

This picture was provided by a Point 65 Tequila! Tandem owner in the US with the followng message: "Check this out... all 3 pieces of my Tequilla Kayak in the back of my Prius... the door closes and I had room to go to Costco...! Linda"

Now read this from

by Warren McLaren, Bundanoon, Australia
Roof racks decrease a car's fuel efficiency by anything from 5%, through 10% or more. And that's empty racks. Stick our favourite sports toy up on your cars roof and watch you fuel economy plummet by up to 27%, according to Ecomodder.

Folding mountain bikes like the Montague Paratrooper can be slipped inside, to return a car to its designers intended aerodynamic sleekness. But a robust roto-moulded polyethylene kayak? The only time they fold is when they get wrapped around a boulder in a whitewater river, right? Not anymore. Sweden's Point 65 now offer a snap-apart Sit On Top kayak.

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