Friday, January 11, 2008

Paul -the man of the hour

The south UK market has been something of a white spot on the Point 65 map so I'm very happy that Paul Rosenquist, our international sales executive and UK's Canoe Shops Group founder and MD, Bob Dyer - today closed an agreement for the Canoe Shops Group to distribute the Point 65 line! I have followed the negotiations closely of course but Paul has done an incredible job in making this happen. Tracking down and cornering the very elusive Bob Dyer was a feat in it's self. Here some pics of the Canoe Shops management team trying a bunch of our boats in very grey conditions indeed. It's a mission! Canoe Shops, a UK Paddle-sport retail chain with 7 shops, already has one container sailing next week with multiple containers to follow the weeks to come! By the way, the only picture of the elusive Bob I could get my hands on was him paddling on a Hobie but hey, thats a nice sot!
Thank you Bob for this and congratulations Paul on an incredible sales job!

Ps. I'm trying to get the pictures and text to look neet and tidy but the pics keep sliding out of position. I'm sure I'l get the hang of it. Until then, bear with me...

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