Thursday, January 10, 2008

Point 65 management meeting

I hosted a Point 65 management weekend at my humble Chateau in Loire, France. We took time out from kayaking and between sessions discussing sales strategies, logistics, demo tours, symposiums and exhibitions, went horse back riding!
Talking shop in the library in front of an open fire sure was a lot nicer than in our grotty Stockholm office.
Roger (logistics manager) puffed on his cigar, Tomas (my brother and our distinguished CEO) made a cozy fire in the bed room he shared with Staffan, head of Scandinavian sales.
And yes, we all went riding through the beautiful french countryside. And bizarrely Point 65 had sponsored a local show jumping competition and we all went to see that. Got the VIP treatment and everything with Champagne in the box!

By the Point 65 hurdle, Paul (international sales), Camilla (q.c), Staffan (Scandinavian sales), Tomas (CEO), Roger (Logistics), Lina (office manager). Missing were Nigel (R&D) and Jont (dark horse)

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Paul said...

Thanks for getting that picture of me waring riding tights on the web richard! :-)
It was a good weekend, and riding the biggest horse I ever seen through the country side was a ball!

Write on!