Thursday, January 10, 2008

Testpaddling a new boat

My intention with the blog was not to just covering technichal things but it so happens that the first two entries are touching on production and R&D stuff. I guess it's the season for it. Hopefully I will post some real paddling stuff later as I visit symposiums, demo days and other events. Anyway, here some fun pics of my brother and business partner Tomas and our vp for R&D, Nigel Foster, trying the hull of the new Point 65 DoublShot a few months back. The photoshop pic was made by Paul Rosenqvist who works at Point65, mostly in international sales. Very funny!

Yes, it looks like a canoe here, but put a deck on that thing and it's a kayak! And the test? Thumbs up!

Nigel says "the chines offer secondary stability with good tactile feedback about how far you are edging. Paddlers who are familiar with edging can make the Doubleshot turn on a dime... so it offers extra fun possibilities for those who want to add a little spice, yet it’s a comfortably reassuring craft if you want to avoid edging and just cruise with the rudder."

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