Friday, February 15, 2008

Le Bistro de Paris

Where I live, in the northern parts of Loire, France, there is this fantastic little restaurant, Le Bistro de Paris in Laval. It is one of my favorite restaurants. It deserves it’s star in the Guide Michelin. The food is to die for. It is friendly and cosy. The chef and owner, Monsieur Guy Lemercier is a really nice guy and takes time to personally discus the menu and choices with all the guests. And his Fois Gras is not from this world. The value is great. What about a gourmet 3 course menu at 27 €? I took my wife Camilla and son Felix there tonight and took some pictures. Enjoy! We did...

The door to heaven

The sacred book

Felix and Camilla

did you say 27 Euros?

Magic man, Mr Guy Lemercier

Sauté de crevettes à l’huile d’ail mmmmmmm

The kitchen

and le fromage

Soufflé au Grand Marnier

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