Saturday, February 16, 2008

Point 65 Management meeting

Vivi, Public Ralations and Lina office manager

The Point 65 Management Team took some time out and went paddling around the island of Finnhamn. We took photographer Malte Danielsson along. By the way, Malte is the son of Swedish paddling legend Jim Danielsson. The pictures are really good and many made the Point 65 brochure. We never use models and all the paddlers on our web site are members of the Point 65 staff.

Nigel, Vice President Research & Development pushing the envelope in a SeaCruiser

Lina, Office Manager and Max, Sales

Kristin, sponsored paddler

Paul, international sales -Paul, got your keys?


Paul said...

Found my keys Richard... as expected, under a pile of crap, on top of the safebox. To which I very suitably NOT have a key ;-)

Nice pics... we must get Tomas in front of the lense one day!



Richard at Point 65 said...

good man!