Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27th Rent a kayak -pay with garbage

PampasKayak, Sweden's leading paddle sport retailer and outfitter (and a member of the Point 65 group) has started a new environmental initiative.

Zoe at PampasKajak outfitting jetty receiving payment for a kayak rental!

Customers who fill two bags of garbage during their paddle excursion receive a 50% discount on their rental.
Nigel Foster showing of on PampasKajaks ever cleaner water

With 100 kayaks in the rental fleet PampasKajak will probably amass thousands of garbage bags over the season making the surrounding waters a lot cleaner.

A number of major newspapers and magazines have reported on this initiative. Unfortunately it's all in Swedish but you get the picture!

Published artickles the last few days:

- METRO June 16
- Dagens Nyheter June 25
- B├ątliv June 25
- Utemagasinet June 25
- Aftonbladet web TV June 25
- Swedish Radio SR P3 June 17

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