Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20th -Karen Darke joins Point 65

Karen Darke, the world renowned adventurer, kayaker, author and lecturer joins the Point 65 sponsored paddler team!This spring I made a new friend in Karen who is the latest addition to the Point 65 family and an incredible inspiration and asset to all of us. Karens book "If you fall" is a great read (available on .I introduced Karen to Nigel Foster, who amongst other things, heads our sponsored paddler team and I was very pleased when Nigel chose Karen as the first paddler, in what will be a very small group of Point 65 sponsored paddlers.

Nigel has been scouting for paddlers since starting the Point 65 sponsored paddler program two years ago and not until he met Karen did he find his first team member. Over the last decade Karen has overcome many physical and mental barriers, completing many trips others believed impossible. From kayaking, sit-skiing and hand-cycling in some of the most inhospitable places on the planet.
Karen crossed the Tien Shan and Karakoram mountains of Central Asia on a hand bike (1997), cycled the length of the Japanese archipelago (2000), paddled a 1200 mile length of the Canada – Alaska coastline (2003), crossed the Indian Himalaya by handcycle (2006) and skied the Valle Blanche on a sit ski.
By far the most impressive feat to date was Karen’s groundbreaking 600 kilometre traverse of the Greenland ice cap, a month long journey across one the world’s last great expanses of wilderness, where winds can reach 200 miles per hour and temperatures drop below 40 degrees.Many seriously doubted Karen’s chances of success, yet with grit, determination and courage she proved it possible. As mentioned, Karen is also the author of "If you fall" and numerous articles.We are extremely happy to have Karen on board! Karen will be able to contribute in many fields. Karen and I having lunch at the MiDoRe on Avenue Hoche in Paris
Besides being the perfect ambassador in helping to promote the Point 65 brand, Karen will be an invaluable resource in product testing and product developing considering the extreme places she goes and the abuse and wear she puts on her gear. That Foi gras sallad was something!
But Karen will also be an important factor in helping us develop our human recourses with her training skills, helping us in taking the Point 65 management team and staff to the next level.
A bloc of absolutely perfect Fois Gras de Canard with some duck "ham", toasted baguette on a Haricot vert sallad

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Kri Kri said...

I also enjoyed meeting Karen and am excited that she is Point 65 sponsered paddler! We paddled together in Italy where she joined in on one of Nigel Foster's directional control classes. We also went out together to demo the Whiskey 16 on the last day of the symposium. It was dark, rainy, windy day and there were only 3 of us, Maurizia, Karen and myself. Karen knew it was her only opportunity to test the kayak and isn't one to shirk a bit of unpleasent weather. Together we braved the elements and shared that feeling of satisfaction that comes from going out together and getting totally saturated and cold together. i think she is great!