Monday, October 11, 2010

Martini, "Biggest news of the Show" Kanumesses 2010

Check out this link where Playak, the worlds leading paddle sports forum has chosen the Point 65 Martini as the "Biggest news of the Show" for Kanumesse 2010!!!

The Point 65 Martini is created by design maverick Magnus de Brito who's exceptional talent once again shows why companies like Porsche, Scania Trucks, Pirelli Boats and Point 65 choose to work with him. Congratulations and big thanks to Magnus for a job well done!

I believe that the Martini will be very popular as it addresses the three main objections when purchasing a kayak:

1. Transportation
2. Storage
3. Solo/tandem combination

While you are at, it check this video on youtube:

Here what Playak wrote:


Still overwhelmed by 2 days full of impressions it’s difficult to say what struck me as the biggest news of the show. Choosing one: the Martini of Point65 is a very innovative product. Last year Fluid and Point65 both introduced a modular snap-on concept with (relatively simple) sit-on-tops which can be extended from a single into a double, triple, or even more, craft. The Martini takes this concept to the next level on a closed cockpit-kayak. The Martini is fully equipped with front and rear stowing compartments with watertight hatches, an ergonomically designed seat, seat pad, cup holders, paddle park, built-in carrying handles and a great integrated rudder controlled by foot pedals. Extending the Martini from a single to a double or triple kayak works amazingly simple and effective; the proof of a well thought-out design!


Sue said...

hi - very excited by these combo kayaks - I won't have to kill myself getting a kayak off the roof and I can use it by myself solo, or tandem when my 12 year old wants to kayak as well - perfect! I need one now! So the only problem is, which one? Can you please tell me what the main differences are between the Tequila and Martini. Thanks, Sue

Richard at Point 65 said...

Thanks Sue! the Tequila! is a sit on top and the Martini a decked sit in kayak (with a cockpit). You can use a spray deck and have a dry ride.
Details available here:

Happy Paddling!

Anonymous said...

I love this concept but was wondering about the kayaks strength for vehicle travel while on top of a vehicle in a rack. I suspect that a support is required for each section.

Richard at Point 65 said...

I have been driving with my Martini on the roof. I just ran a line from the front and aft and secured on the vehicle. This went fine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
My husband and are are really intrested in the Martini tamdam.
Can't seem to find a place to buy one! Can you help us? We live in Massachuestts..heading south to FL?
thank you,

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi Carol.
Thank you for your interest in Point 65 Kayaks Sweden and the mArtini!

Please contact Paul Hosner at WYNIT INC: phosner (@)
(315) 4377617 -2114
He will help you find a dealer.

Happy Paddling!