Saturday, October 23, 2010

WYNIT Inc to distribute Point 65 Kayaks Sweden

The kayak business has brought me to the most unexpected corners of the world and I have recently found myself in the land locked metropolis of Syracuse NY, home to Syracuse University, a major research university and the world famous Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Restaurant, co owned by billionair George Soros.

The reason for my travels there is our recent partnership with WYNIT Inc, one of North America’s leading outdoor distributors. And I'm happy to announce that WYNIT is launching a new division dedicated to paddle sports and enters the industry by becoming the exclusive US distributor for Point 65!

Paul Hosner, who heads up the new paddle sports division outside WYNIT's head office

WYNIT, based in Syracuse, N.Y., distributes such legendary outdoor brands as Brunton, Leatherman, Johnson Outdoor Electronics, Gerber and Garmin. WYNIT is known for competitive pricing, no minimum-order requirements, product availability, same-day shipping, expert sales support and an integrated product mix. WYNIT operates multiple warehouses providing coast-to-coast coverage.

Wynit billboard at Syracuse Hancock International Airport

WYNIT has built a significant business providing products from Johnson Outdoor, Brunton, Leatherman and Garmin to outdoor retailers. The colaboration with Point 65 will allow them to enhance their offer to those dealers. Point 65's with our innovative, unique and market- changing products, is the perfect vehicle for WYNIT to include paddle sports retailers to their existing customer base, while introducing Point 65 to their existing outdoor retailers.

The salespersons get thebest parking space on the lot!
I am extremely pleased that Point 65 has been chosen by WYNIT as their vehicle to enter the paddle sports business. With WYNIT’s massive national distribution set up, experience and track record in the Outdoor industry, WYNIT is able to offer paddle sport retailers a unique business opportunity with an exceptional level of service. It is the ideal solution for us to enter the US market and we look forward to finally beeing able to offer US retailers our products!

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J. Marino said...

Congratulations on your US venture with WYNIT. It is very inspiring to have Point 65 expand further into the US market and share its innovations and Mr. Foster's designs. That paddle looks amazing! I've been following Point 65 for some time now and have always been interested in representing the brand in the Midwest and Great Lakes territory where I currently Rep other products. Mr. Foster's "Kayak Surfing" book got me into kayaking waves, so I owe a lot of brilliant times to him.

Thanks for the great info from the blog and keep the posts coming.

Health and happiness,

Joshua Marino