Sunday, November 23, 2008

15/11 Down under

I spent a great week in Australia. Checking out the paddling industry as well as visiting Renai and Woggy! They are my nieces.
Peter and Amanda outside the Kayaking World retail store. Peter also distributes Point 65 througout Australia.

Camilla, Peter and Amanda inside the store
Probably the most unique and unusual photo ever taken in Sydney. With Sanna, Renay, camilla and Sahara. (that strange looking building in the background is an entertainment center of sorts in Sydney)
Sydney dealer, Blue Earth Paddlesports.
Every Australian eats oysters (some spit it out)
Pelican kayaks? No he is just watching...
Are you eyeballing me?
At Sydney Harbor Kayaks having a chat with Shannon
Sometimes the kayaking business can get really tuff....
Heading north, filling up.
we trecked in the Wychwood Forest near Armidale NSW through Fox Valley
After the hot treck we jumped into the creek. Sahara looking for eals. We acctually saw a 2 meter eal only after getting out of the water...
Happy faces before we knew what was in there. Wog, Sahara, Sanna and Rod.
We met this guy sunbathing to.
This must be the smallest kayak factory in the world (what you see is it!), Joy and Richard at KoastalKayaks run a very efficient shop making very nice Sit On Tops. Richard drives them up and down the Queensland and NSW coast delivering them to dealers himself. Great set up -spot on in the middle of the Gold Coast. Now worries aye mate!
In Brisbane at River City Kayaks. Great service, nice boats (Point 65!) and lots of stuff.
A customer getting Steves full attention.
I bought the latest issue of the Outdoor Australia Gear Guide...
wich was full of pictures of a Point 65 SeaCruiser in action! Pleasant surprice.
Now here a real Australian family. Rod, Allsion and Peter Collins and a XXXX!

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