Saturday, November 1, 2008

October 20 Point 65 goes China (part 1)

Last week the whole Point 65 travelled from Sweden to China so that everybody could get a chance to see our production first hand, get to know our Chinese colleagues, confer about the coming season and have fun. Totally we were 11 Swedes and a Britt roaming the PRC!
Staffan Ahltin (Scandinavian sales) going local.

Going paddling China. Christian and Chici doing logistics
Nigel Foster and Staffan working on the seat position of the new Cappuccino 14. A new day boat designed by Nigel arriving at your local retailer come spring!
Me test paddling the new Cappuccino 14 hull.

Some of us went for a paddle on the Huangpu river. Jasmine, Aling, Staffan, Chici, Lina, Paul, Young, Tomas, Christian, me, Nigel, Shen and Micheal.
Huge net catches the fish.
Lina and friend

Shen in the Whisky 18

Young (first time in a kayak), Jasmine and Staffan

Tomas in the new XO. A fast, great tracking and very affordable touring kayak (arriving soon).
Tight passage
Chinese village
Christian, left, right? Lost? Maybee...
Happy paddlers after a day on the water.
Packing up
Young, our executive assistant in Shanghai.


Chuck W said...

So which city and province is your factory in? I'm a kayak lover and living here in China long term. Where may I submit an application? ;) And very important, can I buy a touring kayak locally in China? I brought two whitewater kayaks with me but I have so many more opportunities here for expeditions, I'd really love to get a few 14 foot or larger boats. Thanks, Chuck

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hi Chuck.
Nice blog! I'm sure we can set you up with a kayak. I'm in Shanghai. Call me on my mobile 137-64941829. I'm of to Australia tomorrow evening (Nov. 7th) so call me before 6 pm Thursday or after my return, the 17/11. Happy Paddling! Richard