Sunday, November 2, 2008

October 20, Official innaguration of our factory

Our very own factory in China has been up and running for some time already. But this was the perfect opportunity to have the official grand opening with the Point 65 team visiting China.
Our subsidiary in China, Kaylab Inc employes almost 50 boat builders. Kaylab not only supplies our own kayaks but we also builds for some of the leading US and European brands as subcontractor.

Christian Starkenius (Finacials), Paul Rosenqvist (International sales) and Staffan Ahltin (Skandinavian sales) in front of the Kaylab factory.

First a traditional Swedish innaguration speach by yours truly.

Followed by the cutting of the ribbon by Nigel Foster
And finally a real Chinese innaguration fireworks going on for almost an hour to bring good luck. Klick below and see the clip to!

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greg said...

Congratulations on your new factory. I like h4e looks of your boats but have yet to paddle one, next year maybe. Greg