Sunday, November 2, 2008

21/10 Nigel Foster (and me) arrested in China! Paddling the Bund

On our last day of our China trip we did something crazy. Paddling "the Bund" in central Shanghai has, to our knowledge, never been tried before.
The hit squad consisted of Nigel Foster, Lina Westerlund, Paul Rosenqvist, Staffan Ahltin and me. Good opportunity to try the new Chinese top secret skintight pfd project.
A few strokes...
and we were out on the river
illuminated by the unbelievable light spectacle that is the Bund.
The high rises on the Pudong side. These buildings work as 100x30 meter screens showing commercials to the people strolling on the Bund.
On top of that barges with 50x20 meter floating screens scurry up and down the river also displaying commercials.
Paul with all of Pudongs glory in the background.
BUSTED! After a couple of hours on the water a search light started zeroing in on us. A smatter of megaphone amplified Chinese got closer and closer. Until we were broadsided by two Chinese police vessels.
After some discussions we were finally brought on board. We got our legal eagle Young on the phone who swiftly negotiated our release. Hurray, we will make our flights!!!!

The brave explorers. Are we the first to have paddled through down town Shanghai? Staffan Ahltin, Nigel Foster, Paul Rosenqvist, me and Lina Westerlund.

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Kri Kri said...

Oh you Point 65ers! So full of adventure and daring! The night shots with reflected colors are beautiful, by the way!